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We are now carrying Silicon Bronze Wood Screws from Fair Wind Fasteners

I'm pleased to announce that is now carrying Silicon Bronze wood screws from our friends at Fair Wind Fasteners.

For the love of wooden boats

Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

In an effort to expand our product line with items that will appeal to traditional wood boat builders we have sought our quality marine grade fasteners. Specifically, silicon bronze wood screws.

With today's proliferation of cheap, junk fasteners on the market I wanted to make sure that we carried the best silicon bronze fasteners in the industry, and after lots of research and getting product samples I found the best. Fair Wind Fasteners is making the highest quality silicon bronze fasteners today and I'm pleased to be carrying them here at Marine Surplus.

What makes them better than the rest? Principally, Fair Wind guarantees the alloy that they are using. They only deal in 651 Silicon Bronze alloy (the correct alloy!) when it comes to their wood screws. Far too many places are selling cheap junk that isn't what they say it is. Furthermore, the screws are all full bodied with cut threads and cold pressed heads. Only the best.

We're slowly adding more and more of their Silicon Bronze products to our offering, and I encourage you to check out what we have here.


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