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Engine Speed SensorV2


Engine Speed SensorV2

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Most work today uses machines and engines to assist labor and does the job faster and easier It shows the importance of boat engines and how much it helps people in their daily lives In addition to the basic help, machines and engines do the job faster than people labor alone It shows proof that an engine speed sensor is important An engine speed sensor is one of the most vital parts of any engine This product generally manages the most crucial function of any engine or machine speed Starting an engine with a broken speed sensor will only cause a lot of trouble, or worse it might not start at all Purchasing a fully functioning speed sensor does not only make sure the machine is safe to use but also guarantees the smooth running of the whole engine machine Key Features Measures gear speed and position Does diagnostic performance test on the engine Modify various engine functions airfuel ratio Determines engine health and status Product Specifications Categories Marine Engine Parts Brand Volvo Penta SKU 23473228 Diagram Reference Number 1 Volvo Penta Exploded view schematic Low Speed, Reverse Gear HS68A

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